"Landscape architecture is the profession which applies artistic and scientific principles to the research, planning, design and management of both natural and built environments.  Practitioners of this profession apply creative and technical skills and scientific, cultural and political knowledge in the planned arrangement of natural and constructed elements on the land with a concern for the stewardship and conservation of natural, constructed and human resources.  The resulting environments shall serve useful, aesthetic, safe and enjoyable purposes."  -The American Society of Landscape Architects

Are you building a new home?  Are you looking to add a more pleasant curb appeal to your existing home?  Are you wanting a more functional landscape design to optimize your outdoor enjoyment?  Living Art Landscapes, LLC wants to help you evolve your landscape into living art.  We work with a local landscape architect who will design a plan specific to your needs and budget.

Landscape architects are well equipped to design an outdoor living space that is functional, inviting and environmentally sustainable.  The perfect plant materials, styles, colors and textures native to the north Georgia area are selected to bring out the absolute best in your yard.