Lawn Care Services

Living Art Landscapes, LLC strives to provide you with a beautiful, lush, green lawn.  Grass, like all living organisms, needs nutrients to grow.  Most soils lack the necessary nutrients for a thick and healthy lawn.  We provide a year round lawn health program to bring out the best in your turf.  A well balanced fertilization and weed control program promotes growth and strengthens your turf to better withstand stress from heat and foot traffic.

Trees, shrubs and ground covers need to be nourished and protected from pesky disease, hungry bugs and harsh winter weather.  Your landscape is a growing investment, protect it accordingly.  Call today and schedule a free evaluation of your entire outdoor space.

Living Art Landscapes, LLC provides 12 month maintenance contracts.  They are designed specifically to satisfy each customers needs.  They can include as much or as little service desired.  You pay the same price each month all year round.  Contracts are a great way to plan and stick to your budget!